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Christmas greetings from Word on the Wash

If any group should be writing a blog or making comment at Christmas time, it has to be Word on the Wash. The very title demands it. How dare we take the word WORD and not say something about the greatest public announcement that has ever been made!

For the Word that receives definition at Christmas time has always been making public announcement from the beginning of time. It is capitalised and always should be for it comes from the one who brought into existence the globe over which there is now great concern for its preservation. David Attenborough was welcomed to the world forum on climate change in Katowice, like some prophet of old, to warn the nations of the world that global warming unchecked could bring the demise of our civilisation. The world needs saving from itself. Sadly the track record of listening to the prophets is not encouraging.

But Christmas tells us that the days of the prophets are over, for “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” The message takes human form, and the child was named Jesus, “for he shall save his people from their sins.” There is a way for the world to be saved from itself, and that gives hope. To be more accurate about the greatest public statement of all time, the Word “tabernacled” among us. Our Jewish friends know immediately what that was all about, for it was to the tabernacle that they went to meet with God. For the rest of the nations, we understand that in the child heaven and earth meet, and when we meet with Jesus we meet with the creator God himself. The astonishing truth is that God so loves the world that he entered it himself at Christmas time.

Christmas this year comes at a very disturbing time for our country. But a world without God is a world without hope. It has ever been the truth. Jesus had another name which is Emmanuel, translated “God with us”. Christmas announces this staggering and wonderful truth. And God can be, if we make room for him in the stable of our lives. His love goes to all ends to make contact and to rescue us from the folly of our ways, our families, our nation, our world. And love came down to earth at Christmas to take us up to heaven. Make sure you have down loaded the truth of “the Word became flesh” and humbly, gratefully, have pressed the “done” button. God will keep his promise to deliver what the world can never deliver, peace and joy at Christmas.

John Wallis- Chair of Word on the Wash