Join us in Prayer

We encourage you to pray for the event and will facilitate times of prayer that we can join together. These are:

March 24  Kings Centre Church 0930 – 1030 in Wellesley St

June 16 Kings Lynn Evangelical Church 0900 – 1000 in Gaywood

August 18 St John’s Good News Centre 0930 – 1030 next to The Walks

The practical Christian leader James in the Bible wrote these encouraging words. “The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.” By way of illustration he reminded people of Elijah who prayed earnestly first that it would not rain, then that it would rain. And guess what ? That is just what happened. So it is not too early to start praying earnestly for this year’s Word on the Wash. If we want the refreshing rains of God’s presence to come down, then we can ask God for that powerful effect James attached to prayer. Come and joins us for prayer at three special hours of prayer at different churches and then look to see what God will do!