Event Seminars

1.The Bible – why bother with the Old Testament? – Chris Wright

We love the familiar stories we tell our children – Daniel  in the lions den? We occasionally hear a sermon base on one of the prophets in church. – the promise of a new covenant in Jeremiah? But is there a more important story underlying all the books of the Old Testament that we need to hear to know God’s love more fully? Come and find out.

2. Can we trust the Bible? – the authority of Scripture – Tim Hastie-Smith

We need to know why we can rely on the Bible as the source of the truth about God. Jesus made many exclusive claims but on what authority dare we pass these on to others as reliable for faith in God? Appreciate the foundation for confident witness in the public square.

3.How to lead a group Bible study? – John Libby

Many are the devotional books with questions to make an appropriate response. How can we avoid unwittingly taking a Bible text out of its context and make it a pretext for my personal beliefs? What do we mean by group inductive Bible study? Find a way to unpack the more difficult parts of our Bibles.

4.Using the Bible to feed our own spiritual lives. – Helen and Gordon Dalzell

‘ALL SCRIPTURE (A) is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for EVERY GOOD WORK (B).’  2 Timothy 3:16,17.

From this we know what ‘All Scripture’ (A) is – ‘God-breathed’ – and also why He has given it it to us – to ‘equip His servants for every good work’ (B).  But how do we get from A to B?  It’s clearly a vital question.  We will think together about how we can best engage with God’s Word in both individual and corporate settings. The coming of the digital world has opened a new field of  opportunity through the internet to enrich our lives spiritually. Come and discover more through this hands on seminar.