Event Programme

This year will be a condensed event as follows:

Friday 10th September-No event

Saturday 11th September 

10.00: Teas and Coffees available

10.30: Pastor Darryl Mallet welcomes everyone to the King’s Centre and goes      through “housekeeping” procedures.

10.35 John Wallis eulogy. (Robert Slipper)

Event begins with welcome and  introduction to Tim from Graham

10.50: Time of worship

11.00: First talk (Reading Luke 10:1-16 and prayer: Graham)

11.30: Worship

11.40: Announcement of collection (Ken)

Introduction from 10ofThose (Alex Mitchell)

11.45: Tea/coffee break

12.05: Second talk. (Reading Luke 10:17-24 and prayer: Anne)

12.35: Worship

12.45: Lunch break. Teas and coffees available.

1.45:   Resumption, beginning with a time of worship

2.00:   Final talk (Reading Luke 10:25-42 and prayer: Gordon)

2.30:   Time of worship.

2.45:   Closing words from Graham